The collection of the “100 Outstanding People of Eurasia” attempts to bring together, for the first time, all those characters both from within and connected to Eurasia. The publication seeks to enlighten, promote and recognize the region’s great people and their invaluable work. Chosen by an advisory panel from outside Eurasia, assembled for their breadth and depth of Eurasia experiences and knowledge,”The 100 Outstanding People of Eurasia” will provide the first peer-assessed evaluation of the contribution of these great men and women, both historical and current. 50 entries will be written by experts focusing on the remarkable individuals of Eurasia’s history, while 50 entries, once nominated by the committee, will be written by the personalities themselves, to allow their unique perspective to be shared.

Eurasian Creative Guild is the place to meet fellow professionals from all the other disciplines and art forms: people that you never normally have a chance to collaborate and discuss your work with. Because we are open to such a wide membership, you can make opportunities with fellow members and make sure the world knows about it through our website. The Guild itself will host events from time to time to help you do this and meet socially. In addition, if you ask us, we can ask other members on your behalf whether they can help you too. Anybody who considers their work creative, from web designers to bluegrass fiddlers, journalists and aspiring theatre directors are encouraged to become part of our ever-growing community.

Cambridge International Press is an independent publishing house, not to mention the only global organization specializing in the publication of documentaries, biographies and non-fiction books by Eurasian authors. As such, we aim to publish books by scientists, students, poets, and academics for general, although diverse, readerships.
Specializing in Eurasia and the CIS, we gift access to the international community for our authors. Indeed, affordable prices ensure our authors got the chance to be published in English: all making our company an advocate for new names. Moreover, between our London headquarters and offices on four continents, we distribute our products worldwide. Each publication limited to ensure demand and a full recoupment of initial outlay.
Overall, our main goal is to produce publications from intertwining cultures, art, history, landscape and people’s. As such, Cambridge International Press can provide attractive publications for anyone interested in Eurasia, due to our extensive experience in publishing

Executive Committee

David Parry

Chairman of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

Anna Lari

Lady of blackwood


Alessya Artemyeva


Elgiza Mainaeva


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