oblojka“100 Outstanding People of Eurasia”

Eurasia has produced no shortage of personalities that have shaped world civilization – from the fierce conquerors of history, to the brilliant philosophers of long ago. Hence, our modern world needs to refocus its inherited conceptions of this region. After all, Eurasia is culturally enriched by the following territories: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Therefore, interest in Eurasia remains unquenchable even today, due to its energetic people’s and their arts, sciences, as well as their business acumen.

As such, this collection of “100 Outstanding People of Eurasia” attempts to bring together (for the first time), significant individuals from within, or connected to, Eurasia. Overall, it is a publication seeking to enlighten, promote, and recognize these unique people and their invaluable contribution to World Culture. Moreover, everyone listed inside these pages has been chosen by an advisory panel from outside Eurasia! Each member convened due to their breadth and depth of Eurasia experience and knowledge. Thus, ”100 Outstanding People of Eurasia” will provide the first peer-assessed evaluation of contributions to global Culture by great men and women: both historically and currently. Overall, 50 entries will be written by experts focusing on Eurasia’s history, while an additional 50 entries (nominated by the committee), will be written by these celebrities themselves: thereby allowing their unique perspective to be shared worldwide.

Published by Cambridge International Press in conjunction with Silk Road Media, “100 Outstanding People of Eurasia” is a book to be treasured for its rarefied and inspiring attempt to honour the incredibly diverse people who have helped to build today’s global civilization. With annual updates to this publication, it will proactively reflect the evolution of Eurasia as a region – reflected, as this will be, by an awards ceremony to be held every March in Cambridge, UK: a celebration coinciding with Novruz.


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